one is cured of his addiction when one becomes his addiction

one returns to the state of being intoxicated, because it is a desired state. a state that needs to be incorporated into the so called normal life, if the user is to move on. and so the weed smoker needs to learn to be calm and imaginative and smart and perceptive and easy going all day, everyday of his life. the gambler needs to learn how to be successful, how to take risks, while the heroin user needs to learn how to seek and find pleasure, safety and comfort. the speed freak needs speed (instead of depression) and the cocaine rat needs to think big, positive thoughts about himself. the teenager hooked to his computing machine needs excitement and movement, instead of boredom and mindless routine. we crave what we have during the night of the reason and lose in the morning of clarity of mind. we would like to have it in the morning, too. but in the morning, we are the same. one is “cured” of his addiction when one becomes his addiction. and it begins when one gives up the dream of suddenly being transformed into the fabulous night creature he feels he should be. and accept that diminished, broken, incomplete and hopelessly damaged version of his stellar self.

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    Foarte frumos 🙂

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