Month: March 2015


” […] ‘We don’t impose Heaven on people any more’, she said. ‘We listen to their needs. If they want it, they can have it; if not, not. And then of course they get the sort of Heaven they want’.

‘And what sort do they want on the whole?’

‘Well, they want a continuation of life, that’s what we find. But… better, needless to say.’

‘Sex, golf, shopping, dinner, meeting famous people and not feeling bad?’ I asked, a bit defensively.

‘It varies. But if I were being honest, I’d say that it doesn’t vary all that much.’

‘Not like the old days.’

‘Ah, the old days.’ She smiled. ‘That was before my time, of course, but yes, dreams of Heaven used to be a lot more ambitious.’

‘And Hell?’ I asked.

‘What about it?’

‘Is there Hell?’

Julian Barnes – The Dream


“The carying on of therapy is something which demands continuing personal growth on the part of the therapist and this is sometimes painful, even though in the long run rewarding”

Carl Rogers – On becoming a person


“Tobey se opri o clipa; apoi, fara sa-si inchida ochii, fara sa-si plece capul, fara sa-si impreuneze mainile, incepu sa se roage – fara urma de indoiala, vorbele lui erau o rugaciune.

– Ajuta-ma sa ajung in Ithaca, daca poti. Fie ca voia Ta sa se implineasca – dar daca se poate, vreau sa ajung in Ithaca. Ajuta-ma sa ajung acasa. Apara-i pe toti de necaz si durere. Celor fara casa gaseste-le un camin. Ajuta-i pe calatori sa ajunga cu bine acasa si pe mine sa ajung in Ithaca. Amin! […]

– Tu pentru ce te rogi?

– Pentru aceleasi lucruri ca si tine – exact aceleasi.”

William Saroyan – Comedia umana